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Question 1: When does the dragon boat festival take place?
Answer: Fifth day of the fifth lunar month

Question 2: The festival commemorates what event in Chinese history?
Answer: Re-enact the legend of poet Qu Yuan

Question 3: The paddles on a boat represent...
Answer: The claws of a dragon

Question 4: A standard dragon boat team has how many paddlers?
Answer: 18-20

Question 5: The role of the drummer on the boat is to…
Answer: All of the above - Set a rhythm for the paddlers to follow, issue commands to the crew and excite and encourage the crew

Question 6: Which statement is incorrect about the steerperson:
Answer: Act as the tail of a dragon

Question 7: he typical position when holding a paddle is in the shape of which alphabet?
Answer: The letter ‘A’

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