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Question 1: How many ride hailing services are legal in Hong Kong?
Answer: None

Question 2: In 2018, how many complaints were there against the city’s taxi industry?
Answer: 11,000

Question 3: How many licensed taxis are there in Hong Kong?
Answer: 18,000

Question 4: How many active taxi drivers are there in Hong Kong?
Answer: 40,000

Question 5: As of 2017, how many trips are taken daily in a taxi?
Answer: Less than 900,000

Question 6: Which of these is not a colour used by HK taxis?
Answer: Yellow

Question 7: What percentage of taxis are owned by individuals?
Answer: 60%

Question 8: How many taxi companies are there in Hong Kong?
Answer: 930

Question 9: What is the average age group of taxi drivers?
Answer: 60 - 69

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