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Question 1: How many members does the boy band Seventeen have?
Answer: 13

Question 2: What was YouTube’s most-viewed K-pop music video in 2018?
Answer: BLACKPINK’s ‘Ddu-Du Ddu-Du

Question 3: Who is BLACKPINK’s youngest member?
Answer: Lisa

Question 4: Which K-pop act below debut in 2007?
Answer: Girls' Generation

Question 5: Which of the following is not a boy group?
Answer: Apink

Question 6: Which of the following is a song by BTS?

Question 7: Which of the following does not belong to the same entertainment company?
Answer: Lee Hyori

Question 8: Which of the following is not a K-pop act?
Answer: One Direction

Question 9: Which K-pop act presented at the 61st Grammy Awards in 2019?
Answer: BTS

Question 10: What are BTS fans called?
Answer: ARMY

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